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Re: [Chrysler300] Correct paint codes for engine color.....

The following was taken from the Club Website                                                           

Charlie  Valentine                                                                                                                

Suggestions from members collected over the years.
Results not verified, use at your own risk.

1960 era instrument and speedometer needles, Testor Model Master Flourescent Red #FS28915.

1960 air cleaner gold may use Plastikote Gold (452). It probably will need clear coat to hold up in the engine compartment environment.

Some members have also recommended Dupli-Color DE1604 Universal Gold Engine Paint for the air cleaners.

See also for a color comparison on H air cleaners.

Long ram paint: Cummins engine Apex red #3163075.

>From Herb Rogers: Your Chrysler dealer has original factory colors. Golden Lion Gold P4529149 Mopar Performance paint. Be sure to use a red primer .

From Gil Gunningham regarding the 300F wheel cover:
The Chrysler drawing for the 300F wheel cover (PN 2122531) states "same as #1856400 Assy - wheel cover, except Flag Red Paint C-7415, in place of semi-gloss black, C-1412-E." Since the black for the 300E cover was stated as semi-gloss, and there was no differing specification for the red, I would conclude the red is also a semi-gloss. I do not have specifics on the actual Chrysler Color number with regard to gloss.
Now, what is Flag Red? It is also the color of the red specified in all the red white and blue 300 plastic medallions. Therefore, if one has a good NOS medallion, that is the Flag Red color. It is easier to match if the medallion is smooth in the red area like those on the D, G, H, and J wheel covers.
I do, however, have an official Chrysler color master for the ram manifold red, C-7107-A. When an original medallion is held on the surface of that master, the two colors are almost a perfect match! For some time the Club has suggested using Cummins Engine Red (Apex Red) as a substitute for the ram paint, although it seems just a wee bit darker. Unless you want to try and match the medallion red, the Apex red would probably be a decent substitute for the Flag Red.
As for the "gear", I am sure they are anodized. Also, very nice reproductions are available through the Club Store.
300ly, Gil

On Tuesday, June 23, 2020, 04:01:33 PM EDT, rob bohuslav sonoramic413@xxxxxxxxx [Chrysler300] <chrysler300-noreply@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:



Was wondering if anyone had a PPG or Dupont code for the correct red, and gold that was used on the Plymouth Sonoramic long ram motors.

The red used on the later 273 and 340s appears to be: (Dupont) 5092D. I'm thinking this is the same red used on the earlier engines.  I cannot find a code for the gold.

I dont want to use rattle cans, as I know there are the Mopar Performance spray bombs out there, but that stuff is lousy.

Thanks again everyone....



Posted by: Charlie V <cv300g@xxxxxxxxx>

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