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RE: [Chrysler300] Pont-a Mousson 4 speed pictures

In 1963, I was very aware of the Pont-au-Mousson tranny from writeups so when I spotted a used 1961 Newport 2DHT with a stick, I jumped right on it.  Kind of a poor-boy’s stick-shift Chrysler 300 at 1/3 the price.  I drove it for a year or so in Omaha and the rubber floor mats were probably better for use in the winter.  I did not enjoy driving it in stop and go traffic.  It was hard on the clutch.  I don’t recall it not having synchro’s on the top-two gears, anyway.  The 351 was adequate but  nothing fantastic.  I traded it for a ’63 Newport 4DHT with Torqueflite and enjoyed that car, as did the carpool—especially after I hung an ARA air conditioner on it.  I considered the 300J but two-doors were unhandy for four +-sized carpoolers and a couple of diminutive guys.


Rich B. in sunny CA—opening up a little.


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My understanding was that Chrysler Corp felt that some of the GM 1961 models, especially Pontiac, had a price advantage over Chrysler..  So, they came out with the 1961 Windsor 4 door sedan with the 3 speed manual tranny at a base price of $2964.  It also came with rubber floor mats instead of carpeting.  Also, the same features were available in a 2 door hardtop for about $50 more.  I remember this because my dad was a Chrysler dealer at the time and he sold a few of these cars.  But the automatic tranny was still preferred by most customers despite the increased price.  


Best regards, Jim


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John Hertog had a 61 Newport 3 speed stick.

I drove it not much fun

No synchromesh.

I was told it was basically

A truck transmission.

Only offered so they could

List the automatic as a option

For more money.

Bob Haag

Bob Haag

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Motor Life, April 1961 has an article on a 300G stick coupe. the pictures show the shifter to the left of the console.  I’ve also seen a 300G coupe with a factory stick shift back in the ‘80s at a local show.  I’m told they are difficult to drive, no syncro in first, and the clutch pedal was heavy..  The article states that the idle speed was at 1100 RPM, and the writer had an issue with it.


Bob J




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