RE: [Chrysler300] convertable top switch
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RE: [Chrysler300] convertable top switch

HI Joe

 Yes you can have an aux switch or other device set up to make your conv top move up/down besides the original switch. Fix your original comes first!
 Me for example have this on my 71Challenger. I made it come true using an 2channel programmable relay box. Box works & controlles via radio not ir.  Box hidden back of hydralic pump invisible for most. Demanding up down via handhold transmitter like your garge door opener or the one for your car. My transmitter i have on my key ring..  Cant remember the transmitter reciver distance right now,  but i am sure if you can se your car with your eyes the radio sign will do aswell.
 Only needed one wire fused 12v to box, no more hazzle. Box programmable so you can use it for whatever you want power antenna, windows, alarm etc.. 4button transmitter is what i use.
Cost under 20dollares.
 Fun at car shows when you stay way distance from your car and your cars top start to move without any at the car,  just remember release the conv top handles before you walk away.
Take care

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Hi, Lucky:


The main power feed for the top pump from the battery goes through a circuit breaker behind the LH kick panel.  You would want to run a heavy (#12) wire from the outlet of this breaker to a new switch in the trunk.  I don’t know the nomenclature of the switch but it would have a single input, two outputs and a spring return to off.    Then two #12 wires to tee into the wires on the pump—or to a T-shaped connector  to replace the present one right at the pump.  Being Lucky, you should not worry about a failure of the top switch—problems with the pump, cylinders, linkage are more likely and new a new and parallel electrical systems won’t help that.


An even more secure system would bypass the circuit breaker and start at the big connection bolt on the starter relay, running all new #12 or #10 wire through a new circuit breaker to the new switch in the trunk.


Or just throw a big tarp and bungees or cords in the trunk to protect the interior in case of simultaneous failure of the top-raising system and a deluge.


Best wishes, Joe-Stay inside and stay healthy.


Rich Barber

From sunny California—on the inside looking out.  Symptoms of Cabin Fever, only.


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hi gang.have a 62 sport convt.  looking to hook up a aux  switch hidden in trunk, in the event the top is down and switch fails is it possible.  thanks Joe Luciano Howard beach n.y


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