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RE: [Chrysler300] Auto parts store date codes

The condition of the “new” hose is dependent on where it spent its life.  I would not assume it was stored in climate-controlled warehouses or shops.  I’d return it and ask for a new hose-to be date-stamped.  They may not do this anymore.  Tire dealers now say seven years is an old tire.  If I were saying the same thing, I’d probably say that, too.


Rich in Brentwood



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When I bought my 61 G convertible, one of the first things I did was to change the 3 rubber brake hoses that connect brake lines to the front wheels and rear axle.  I had no idea if they were original or how long ago they might have been changed.  That was 1998!  Yikes, where did the years go?  Those hoses were changed by me 21 years ago.  I did a front disc brake conversion later on, so I know those hoses are relatively new, but decided to order a rear hose from NAPA to have on hand in case the one on the car had become cracked or otherwise suspect.  Upon opening the package of the 'new' rear brake hose, I saw clearly stamped on the hose a date of 02/05/94.  My 'new' replacement hose was 25 years old!  It is very supple with no cracks, but I am questioning whether it makes sens to change the hose that is currently on my car with one that is 25 years old.  I point this out to remind folks that just because a part came from the store and was never on a car before, it may be far from new, especially parts for our now ancient automobiles.  I don't recall looking at the date code when I put on the one that is currently on the vehicle, but it, too, could have been on the shelf for quite some time before I purchased it.  Unless a 'soft' part is still currently in use on some other make/model of a more 'modern' car, I'm concerned that it may start getting difficult to find critical items in the future.  Our cars were not plentiful enough in the day to have much of an aftermarket, so what do we do as the 'shelf stock' disappears?





Posted by: "Rich Barber" <c300@xxxxxxx>

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