Re: [Chrysler300] Painting 1960, 61 and 62 gauge needles
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Re: [Chrysler300] Painting 1960, 61 and 62 gauge needles

I recently did a lot of experimenting  with different paints for needles. I found that Plasti-kote High visibility fluorescent works best, and the needles still light up nice. The part number is FL-9 in an 11 once spray can. More than you will ever need. On 1960 gages the lighted part of the gage can be un-screwed and un-plugged. This leaves the entire needle exposed. I used a tape mask and lightly sprayed the needle. On the 61-62 the lighted part is riveted. I would spray some paint into a small cup, or a fold made out of paper, and use a small brush.
I also tried 2 different red engine paints, and neither allowed the needle light to shine through.
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Have to be careful as paint blocks the electroluminescent light in the needle .. Looks great in day , you can see nothing at night ?

Leave alone??
Best , John
Ps Testors  sells a box of little bottles on is orange / red works great .. for needles without EL lighting

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Bob's Speedometer Shop in Howell Michigan is a popular resource in the Detroit Area.  More than a few years ago, Bob shared his process for gauge needle paint.  He told me to use Rustoleum American Accents  "Glow Orange" #209638. It says craft and hobby enamel on the small 2 oz jar.   It isn't easy to find and I found mine in an old hardware store.  But it is a perfect orange glow and it dries quickly.  But I agree with Rich's suggestion to go to a good hobby store for model paint. 
Marv R.

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Model airplane paint has some matching red/orange/fluorescent colors and comes with the tiny paintbrush.


Rich B.


Brentwood, CA


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The needles in my dash gauges light up but the paint is faded. What have you used to touch up the gauge needles ?


Charlie Valentine


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