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Re: [Chrysler300] Spark Plugs

I agree totally on the NGK plugs. I am not sure about their ( NGK’s) nomenclature , but the platinum / rhodium tip is for sure worth the significant money . If engine is otherwise good , 100k miles not out of question and much wider effective heat range —without problems — than older more limited heat range plug designs .
I had used Bosch dual ground electrode before that , also good, cheaper $ , but not 100k material .. I did that after noticing the single ground electrode is often burned back causing a wider gap , so two grounds is good . Just me . Their nomenclature really confuses,  a “quad “ Bosch plug ( marketing) has two grounds I think . Check .
Maybe the fiberglass end sleeves sold specifically for race header plug wire protection by places like Jeg’s help the accidental burning of the wires?  It seems to happen a lot on ram cars . Careful shaping dressing and retaining of wires too .
Plugs must be spotless on insulators and I believe in silicone up in the fitting . A common place for arc over on all mopars is at the coil tower if at all dirty . Arc will come out under the HV wire boot ,jumping to one of the terminal screws .  Look in there on a dark damp night .. I had an erratic skip on a brand new 68 charger 383 , 4 trips  to dealer new plugs etc . Found it myself one dark rainy night . You can see it snapping . Cleaning and silicone grease fixed it . 

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Hello Bill,

Not sure if you've received any plug recommendations from other Club members yet. On my longram 300-F late this past June, I pulled the Champion RJ14YC plugs I had been running, which were under 3 years old, looked good, but had 20,000 miles on them, as the car was running pretty rough driving the 800-mile round trip up to St. Paul for Back to the Fifties.. I also replaced my plug wires, with a replacement set from Lectric Limited, located near me in Bedford Park, IL. In connection with this, the plug boot on my #5 plug was fried. These are the same brand and heat range plugs I've been running the past several years, putting 40,000+ miles on the car.

On John Begian's recommendation, I switched over to NGK plugs - #XR5-3332. I've put another 5,000 or so miles on the motor since installing these new plugs and wires, and the car is running great. I did have a bit of an engine miss issue in Newport, but that was just misadjusted points, and had nothing to do with the plugs or plug wires. My gas mileage is about the same with the Champions vs. the NGKs - 11.8 mpg running at 75 mph roundtrip to Newport a few weeks ago, and about 12.5+ running at 60-65 mph.

I can't confirm whether these plugs are the ones for your shortram K.


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Could I please get your recommendations for which brand and part number spark plugs that you favor for your ram engines.  I just pulled a set of EC3.52 plugs out of my K.  They were very black and sooty, indicating too cold a plug or too rich a mixture. 


Thanking You in Advance






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