Re: [Chrysler300] 64 300K cranks and cranks but will not turn over - Hel
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Re: [Chrysler300] 64 300K cranks and cranks but will not turn over - Help??

OK - Here is the news - A buddy told me to jiggle the shifter on the console and try to start it in neutral and guess what - it started!!!   I put it back into park  let it run for a bit, shut it off,  waited and then started in park again and it started right up so it appears it has something to do with the shifter which seems a bit odd to me.  Any theories out there??


Myron Plotkin
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On May 11, 2018 at 5:55 PM Ian Carlton <mrmopar66@xxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi Myron:

Silly question, but are you sure you have gas?  Could there be a blockage at the fuel filter?  Try pouring a little gas into the carb and them start it.  Or try spraying some starting fluid into the carb.  Also the choke may be stuck in the open position.  Check that as well.  Good luck.

Ian Carlton
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I have a 64 300K 413 (no ac) 4 brl that was starting up and running fine last weekend and for the last few weeks.  Went in today and tried to start - starter cranked and cranked but engine would not turn over.  Battery seems to be pretty strong and it kept cranking and cranking.  Not being a great motorhead, any have any ideas why all of sudden car won't turn over or any suggestions what I should do.

Myron Plotkin
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