[Chrysler300] list server quarterly
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[Chrysler300] list server quarterly

Hello Group and a good January to you.

It is once again time for the quarterly reminder

of list server rules.

Click http://www.chrysler300club.com/yahoolist/rules.htm

for the web page or see below

List Server Rules

Revision 4

- The list server is for the exchange of information regarding Chrysler 300's.
- This list server is a private forum, hosted by The Chrysler 300 Club International, Inc.
- Membership is restricted to current, dues-paying members.
- To join, please e-mail Bob Merritt at:

Approved topics include:

- Technical information relating directly to Chrysler 300's.
- Restoration tips and techniques that apply directly to Chrysler 300's.
- Parts for sale or parts wanted for Chrysler 300's.
- Chrysler 300's cars for sale or cars wanted. This includes Sport models and related parts cars such as New Yorker, Saratoga, Windsor, etc .
- Feedback regarding vendors and suppliers of Chrysler 300 parts, cars and related services.
- Meet information
- Stories about experiences with Chrysler 300s.

Topics that are not allowed include:
- Messages with automotive content that does not relate directly to Chrysler 300's.
- Non-automotive messages including but not limited to political statements, jokes, discussion of current events, etc.
- Argumentative or disruptive messages.

Abuse may result in removal from the list server.


- In cases when replies are probably not of interest to the 400+ members of the list server, we encourage members to make their replies directly to the intended party.
- We encourage members to include their name at the end of their message.

Electronic Communications Committee:
The listserver is managed by the Club's Electronic Communications Committee, by authority of the Executive Committee.
Any comments or suggestions may be sent to:
Bob Merritt (
Bob@xxxxxxxxxxxxx )
Don Warnaar (
300country@xxxxxxx )

or Carl Bilter (cbilter@xxxxxxxxx )


Posted by: "Bob Merritt" <bob@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

To send a message to this group, send an email to:

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go to https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/all/manage/edit

For list server instructions, go to http://www.chrysler300club.com/yahoolist/inst.htm

For archives go to http://www.forwardlook.net/300-archive/search.htm#querylang

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