[Chrysler300] A 1962 300-H Pre-Thanks
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[Chrysler300] A 1962 300-H Pre-Thanks

Hello All 300 Club Members and Happy New Year!

My wife, Jennifer, bought a 1962 300 Sport over 20 years ago from our friend Mr. Mark Woods.
We still have that car.
It has an interior from Mr. Goers, power windows, seat, steering, brakes, AC, rear antenna and is in Caramel.
I blew the 413 we dropped in it, with the pair of Carters, that had replaced its stock 383 2-barrell.
At some point we need to throw a new motor in there; probably return it to a 383.

Years went by and we were going to have a kid or three; so we needed a staton wagon!
We were at a Chrysler Spring Fling Show in 1999 (out here in Southern California) and Mr. John Cheracky overheard us talking about how we needed a wagon.
So he sold us a 1962 Chrysler New Yorker Wagon; Rosewood with a Coral Grey roof, 9-passenger, power windows, seat. steering, brakes and AC.

And then we went on vacation to Arizona back in April of 2012 with our 3 boys.
There they were playing in the pool at the old historic Arizona Biltmore and I was under an umbrella; I burn easily!
I was on my laptop looking at old cars for sale, because I suffer from that disease, pale skin and asthma.
On eBay there was a 1962 300-H in Florida.
Needed EVERYTHING under the sun; everything!
I ran the VIN through Mr. Cunningham, who was able to confirm that it was an actual H, rather than a Sport.
I called the seller, made a deal, had the car trucked out to my home in Long Beach, CA and there it sat; from May of 2012.

I am happy to announce that the car is almost back to us from the body & paint shop.
It had been painted red, so we have returned it to its stock black.
Once it is back, we can lay in the new wiring harnesses from Mr. Leggatt and begin the LONG reassembly process of everything!
We have an engine & trans already to go in.
We have some of the interior goods from our hero, Mr. Goers.
All of the chrome and stainless are re-done and ready to go.
We have a steering wheel from Dennis Crooks ready to go in.
The instrument cluster is up at JC Auto for its needed restoration; they have already completed the tachometer.
I have a 7-button radio and floor switch, that will need to be gone through and the rear antenna is already restored.

BUT....There will be a LOT of questions I will have to ask in the reassembly process. A LOT!
And for that I want to apologize ahead of time.
I will respect and honor all responses received, when I get around to asking.
I know that I won't be able to put the car back together without this gang in the club.

So, Happy New Year and Thank You ahead of time!

Matt Allyn


Posted by: Matt Allyn <allynentertainment@xxxxxxxxx>

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