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Re: [Chrysler300] 61 300G

Item # 192 In the Goers catalog.

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In 1960 there were corner drains added later in the build. I had 2 New Yorkers that had them and 1 300F. the opening is the same as the 300G. They were black rubber funnels that exited through the floor of the rear of the trunk.

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Actually, my trunk seal doesn't leak either, but water does lay in the trough above the key hole and I have to remember to dry that area if traditionally washed or if left in the rain.




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As a note, my G trunk has never leaked a drop. I wash just like I would any other car 🚗 


                       Val J

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If the trunk gasket is bad or the lid not adjusted properly, it will leak.  They are known for that, it's one of the reasons I avoid washing my G with copious amounts of water and use a detail spray instead.  Convertibles also have an issue with water getting in the area below were the top meets the body at the quarter panel, but that's another story.  Gasket fit can be checked with a piece of paper (dollar bill) between the lid and the gasket.  Many '61 Chrysler parts cars have bad trunk floors due to gasket leakage, there are no open drain holes.


Bob J


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Hi All,


I just washed my 300G for the first time and ended up with pools of water in the trunk.  I didn't see any drain holes around the trunk lid lip for drainage.  Is the rubber molding supposed to keep the water out, in other words water tight?




Mike  300G Barn Find


Posted by: RICK AND DEBBIE CLAPHAM <rixpac@xxxxxxx>

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