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Easier to fix the switch..just wiggle it ,really  a lot, maybe 50 x even,  it will start working, Very rugged inside, big spring pressed sliding  contacts , motor probably takes 20A directly through the switch  , it is not a toy switch driving a relay. gets corrosion on contact  surfaces ; wiggling takes it away. Found out all this after needlessly disassembling a switch not making contact. .(spring loaded stuff will fly everywhere,) no need to do that, it turns out. Self cleaning if wiggled.  . Are you sure switch? if you hear clicking generally not the switch but still can be, as several things turn on in each position. Read 60 FSM on switch/PS, very good info. Do all it says on troubleshooting, first.  I do not think you can move it with no power , big risk of getting left and right screws etc out of sync. Clutches have to close to move even if you turned motor, that is all electrical. Generally clutch parts/ solenoids  get gummy dried up and stuck. Taking apart and cleaning well , heavy oil, restores it , grease goes solid over time > I used 75W rear axle oil. Mobil 1 synthetic. Easier than you might think to just fix it. Do not turn  anything while apart. All this assumes basic unit is not broken. That has been the case for me on all cars. Just stuck.


Another thing can be bad solder joint on one wire on back of switch, wire not soldered right. Had that twice, or corrosion loosens solder , or poor job at fabrication. Bad Wire was yellow.  Put 12v on feed wire to all this , from battery,  if car not live., think it is red?


On motor numbers I doubt anyplace else , except original car paperwork. No where else on block.


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Another question for the experienced!


300G,  Is there any way to view the engine ID numbers on AC cars without removing the compressor/brackets?  Is there engine ID stamps anywhere else on the block?


Also is there any way you can move a power driver seat when the switch isn't working?  I wouild like to move the seat back manually if possible.


Thanks for all the help so far.


Mike 300G

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Hi All,


Now that I've sold my 61 Corvette my 61 300G gets all the attention!




1. What width size whitewall did the 300G come with?  I'm planning on buying Coker radials, The stock size was 8.00 - 15.  Would that equate to 225 70R-15?


2. I also need to do the brakes from stem to stern.  I was going to use NAPA for most of the parts.  Comments?  Recommendations?  Has anyone used s/s brake lines from Good Brakes or Brake Hoses Unlimited on EBay?



Mike  300G Barn Find


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