[Chrysler300] 300C resto photos & other aussie news
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[Chrysler300] 300C resto photos & other aussie news

1) There are some really great helpful people amongst the 300 Club Membership, and I would here like to thank Bob Merritt for (and I do not know how much of his time and effort involved !!?) loading some of the photos taken during recent pulling down my supercharged 300C, that a few other members had asked could I send them.
I am only on dial up i/net (deliberately, so it discourages I spend even more time on net), and with our current heatwave seeing random electricity power cut offs due to suppliers being unable to meet damand due to aircondioners etc.  So I scanned 3-4 photos to a page, so it faster to load them all when sending, in case power went off as doing it. And yet Bob worked around this, then added/pasted the copy I wrote in 120 heat, that likely had him thinking just what was I trying to say, etc ?!  And then realising there not any shot of the car before pulled apart, he spent more time as I found some old ones from over 10 years ago, and sent scans of them.  The result is now up on the Club site, and I have told him I owe him a big thank you.  This 300 Club is indeed so lucky there are people like him that give 'who knows how much time' for others. For no pay, no reward, when they likely have much they could be doing on their own cars, etc  - so well done Bob, from a long distance away, a huge thank you.
2) I have put comment that I thought might help, amongst the photos of some I what I found in my 'non rotisserie 300 frame off' - any other 300C and other 300 owners seeing anything I may have wrong, please let me know. And apols to those that already know what I say there.
And the last photo is of a 300C Coupe body mount set - the rubber and steel bits that make one up - what goes where. This was only done, included at end, following contact from another Member who bought a 300C coupe in bits - hopefully it all makes sense, the whole set is there, except it missing two dished washers that sit under two rearmost bolts that come through cabin floor, but that soon obvious, worked out. Same again, any errors, let me know.
3) Received an excited  phone call from a long time 50s -60s era Cadillac, owner/member, who lives in adjoining State of Victoria. He had just seen a parked light coloured 300D Coupe while driving in Melbourne, and was stunned how outstanding, brilliant it looked. This coming from someone used to seeing the 'best of the best' of 50s Cadillacs, a real long time 40s-50s US era car lover - he was just blown away about how good the whole car was as a package.
This car, 300D, is I think the one that one of our Members has said he got on the road in the last few months - bloody well done to him, he is winning some new aussie 300 future fans/Members bigtime every time he uses it I predict!!
4) Couldn't resist this one - TV news - a person damaged their car (luckily not a 300 I hope) while driving just down the road from their house - hit an animal. The TV news said the animal was hurt, but was being treated, and should fully recover.  They then showed vision of what looked like a 6-8 foot long crocodile being sedated, vision of North Queensland Town streets with flood water 2-4 feet deep. Croc was hidden/unseen in the water he was driving through on his street!!   Some places have had 4 feet (48 inches !!!) of rain - rain there in their wet season is common, most houses built on stilts.  But with crocodiles now protected in Australia for some years, they are becomming way more common near far northern urban towns. (But they eat people when not swimming urban streets!!??)
Next day news story had Police up there, very concerned re possible injury and death due to "careless road users" - because everyone, so many, were using tinnies (little tin/alloy boats with 10-30hp outboards on back) on flooded steeets like they were cars, and did not realise they do not stop, swerve, etc, as fast as cars!!! Vision showed cars submerged half way up doors, roofs, as tinnies zipped along suburban steets, through shopping centres, on roads obviously 3-5 feet under by what left of signs, fuel bowsers etc. (Gas station sign shown in b/g of one shot read "Free Air and Water"  !!? )
Meantime down south here, my 300C driver near daily mocks the 110-120 temps here, except for odd momentary fuel lock if too much stop start low speed traffic light running, it pefect however if faster speeds and longer between lights - not one single reply re my earlier question re is ethanol blend fuel/gas more prone to vapourising?  (And Gas price here over last 10 days jumped to 130c a litre, causing much anger as to just why?!)
(Humour aside, this year has started really badly already for many here - worst in 100 year heat in south of nation has destroyed/baked vine, fruit and vegetable crops, while on north east side of nation, huge flooding, personal losses like family cars, furniture, destroyed, sugar & other crops under water, ruined.  Our Nation's biggest annual car swap (Ballarat , over 2000 sites) is now just three weekends away -  if it not unbearable heatwave, be interesting to see what '300 usable' stuff is there, plus how much $$$S around?
And hopefully your bad cold/snow over there close to ending soon.)
Christopher Australia 
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