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Re: [FWDLK] 1958 Plymouth tip of the day

Back in the late 70's, I had a 60 Corvette that I was driving across country to Fort Huachuca, Arizona, where I was stationed, on a long Labor-Day weekend.  I had already moved my 67 Charger to Arizona, and flew back to the in-laws in NC, and headed west, but the generator went out somewhere on I-10 or I-20 in Texas. 

Coasted to the top of the exit ramp, and amazingly right there was a starter-generator shop and they were open.  I was amazed, as it was Sunday, but I dropped the car off, and in a couple hours, they fit on a rebuilt generator.  Back on the way, I though I might need to add oil to the new generator.  Then it started acting up outside El Paso. 

Since I thought it might be something I did, I tried to soak up any excess generator oil and soldiered on westward.  The generator put out enough juice to keep the car running during the day, but drained down when the lights came on.  So, I would drive for a while, then pull over and let the generator build up the charge on the battery, turn the lights back on, then drive until the lights began to dim, repeat, and so on.  I was obvious that the generator was not charging enough and the battery was draining with the lights on.

That trick got me across New Mexico and much of Arizona, until I turned off south towards Sierra Vista and Fort Huachuca.  Once on the road to Sierra Vista, I just drove by starlight and a flashlight I had in the car, until I got to the base gates, and my Quarters. 

The generator ran perfectly from that day forward, and I am sure that I over-oiled the rascal.  I have never had a problem with the generators on any of my Forward Look Mopars.  Not sure if they use the same manufacturer, but that was my last GM.  All Mopar now.

Just thought I would add a tale of over-oiling a generator, and the way that God takes care of soldiers and fools.  Glad Mopar led the way to install alternators.

Larry (Akron)

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Those of us that have oil cups on generators and distributers can over oil the generator and cause it not work. Jjust a drop in several thousand miles is enough.
Ot follow service manual. David wallace 58 fury

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