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Re: [FWDLK] Front Brake Drum

There are induction bolt heaters that heat up a localized area, in this case only the nut. They cost a bit but it could save you $$ in the end. 

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On Thursday, November 5, 2020, 9:17 PM, Larry Ashbaugh <000003991ab8a71e-dmarc-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Problem is the former owner at some time ground the lug nuts down to round, and they are super, super tight.  Probably some tire shop that didn't know that they were left-hand studs.  So, they are so small and rounded that I can't even get a metric socket on them and have any bite.  I used a propane torch today, but no success.

I may try to cut them tomorrow, then take them to a machine shop to have the studs removed and new ones put in.  If not, (and even if I am successful)I'll consider buying one once I measure the size.


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Larry, heat them hot and use pipe wrench. Might work? Don’t forget left is left handed. 2nd option, cut grove parallel with stud just above threads, insert a wood chisel into cut and drive with a hammer. It might split or spread enough to remove. Wood chisel has low taper to fit into saw cut. 3rd option, junk the car, sorry.
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Subject: [FWDLK] Front Brake Drum
Appears that I will need a front brake drum for my 57 Dodge Coronet D-500.  The previous owner rounded the lug nuts to the point that they are impossible to remove and cutting or burning off the lugs will probably ruin the drum.  Have tried everything (previous texts) but ended up removing the wheel, drum and all.

Anyone know of a place to get a new front drum?
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