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Re: [FWDLK] Interior cleaning

I guess I am.  I haven't really noticed anything out of the ordinary, but most of my cars are sitting outside as I work on them.  My garage is stuffed to the walls with parts that I am trying to sell off to get more room.  I am in a rush to get more room as the cold weather comes our way....


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Mine sits in a somewhat climate controlled garage a few miles from you and I have the same issues. I run a furnace and an a/c at the fringe temperatures. I'm interested in a solution to the problem, too. 

Are you getting any light corrosion on your bumpers - I am?

Akron Don 

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My convertibles have black tops and like most convertibles, leak somewhat, meaning they have some mildew growing inside on the underside of the convertible top. 

Usually, I use something with bleach to kill the mildew, but am reluctant to use bleach on a black canvas top.  What do you all use to clean canvas and vinyl interiors?



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