[FWDLK] Forward Look Parts For Sale (Cleaning the Garage)
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[FWDLK] Forward Look Parts For Sale (Cleaning the Garage)

I was looking in my garage for a fuel pump for my 325 (actually found one) and saw that I have many, many more Forward Look parts than I can ever use.  For the last 20 years or so, I would buy parts from eBay for when I would have time to restore my 57-59 Dodges.  However, I secured more than I can ever use, and need to sell some to help fellow ForwardLookers with their projects (and to supply funds to further Mopar restorations).

I have a bunch of Mopar Taillight lenses (mostly 57-59), including used, NOS and NORS.  Also have the chrome surrounds that go with the lenses for 57-59.  Also have a couple for 60 Chrysler (if I can find them in the disarray).

I have miscellaneous dash parts and  instruments (fuel, oil, amps, etc), ashtray, etc for the 57-59 Dodges, and a large array of exterior mirrors.  Also have a few nice bumper ends for 57, 58 and 59 Dodges, and 60-62 Chryslers.

Many sets of 57, 58, and 59 Dodge wheel covers (most 14", few 15"), including spinners.  Also some from 65-74 Mopars, too, including Rallye centers.

Miscellaneous NOS or NORS water pumps, and other engine parts.

I have the 60-62 Chrysler "Astrodome" dash pod, and a lot of associated dash parts, including some 60-62 Chrysler radios.  Also have a couple rear seat radio "vibrator" units, to turn your radio into an early "stereo"- style.  (Loved that sound in the '60s)....

Few Rocker panels for 57-59 Mopars, and extra used fenders, trunk lids, and a set of rear quarters of of a 57-58 Dodge, as well as some other exterior parts.

Lots of other stuff that I will not use.  I need to retain enough, plus a few for a 57 D500 Cornet 4dr Hardtop and 58 Coronet 2dr Hardtop that I will focus on.  Recently sold my 59 Coronet and am listing my 4dr Sedan 57 Coronet as soon as I get the fuel pump fixed.

Contact me directly if you have some needs.  I will respond to all requests, and if you have an interest, can send pictures to your email account.  I am not a professional "seller", but another Forward Look Mopar lover that is getting too old and tired to restore all of the projects that I have...  Located outside Akron, Ohio, 44216.

Larry (alienvoice@xxxxxxx)


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