Re: [FWDLK] Mopar Heater Coil Needed
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Re: [FWDLK] Mopar Heater Coil Needed

Appears the concensus is that either the heater core or valve are the culprits and either or both can be easily fixed or if necessary, replaced at local radiator shops or other places where copper tubing can be worked.  I think once the weather gets better (warmer) here in Ohio, although it has been a mild winter, I will tackle it.

Any advice on how best to remove this from the firewall?  Pretty simple (althoug I find that many things that were simple years ago are not so much so as I age).

Thanks for all of the responses.  Can't wait to bet back to working on my Mopars.  Winter in Ohio are long, long, long.

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Larry and all:
Unless it's rotted beyond repair, then can be repaired. I have read of places who do them, I'll have to find one for you if that route will work.
Bill the Magnumguy
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On 1/29/2020 2:07 AM, Larry Ashbaugh wrote:
My 59 Coronet (non-A/C) has decided that it is time to puke its guts all over the passenger floor.

Does anyone have a heater coil that will work in a 59 Dodge, 326 for a decent price?  Close will count.

Other ideas?  Any other brands that have a similar heater coil? 

How about the universals on eBay?:


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