[FWDLK] '61 Imperial solid project available
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[FWDLK] '61 Imperial solid project available

Hello everyone, my cop son was called to an auto repair shop today to check some paperwork on a car.  While there he spotted an Imperial, and knowing I would find it interesting, texted me about it.  He talked to the garage guy who said it was his dad's car and had been determined to need a carb rebuild and a bearing (what kind of bearing, my son wasn't sure...I'm thinking center carrier bearing?) to get running and driving again.  The guy thought his dad would sell it.    Looking at the pics, I saw it to be a '61, 4 dr hardtop (of course), some surface rust but no visible rustout, a crease in the front passenger door, and a rotten interior.  The visible color seems to be cream, and the interior blue.  There was a pic of the engine also and the alternator appears to be recently installed.  Looks like everything is there, inside, outside except for wheel covers, and in the engine compartment.  Price was quoted to my son including repairs, and was very reasonable.  My son hesitates for me to put this on this post as it may have been a "cop special price" which sometimes happens. This is in the Indianapolis area and the telephone number is 317-787-9078, Mike Patterson.  My son found that the other vehicle (NOT the Imperial) which he was checking on was stolen, and got busy impounding it, but said he would go back and take more pics of the Imperial if someone was seriously interested.  I could also go up and take a look at some point probably.  Am I allowed to put pics directly on these emails?  If so I'll do so tomorrow sometime.  

Bill & Kathi Parker, South Central Indiana


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