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Re: [FWDLK] Front Fender Gunsight Parts

Brent, The Dodges had the item in the middle of both front fenders.  I have 57, 58, and 59 Coronets and both the 57-58 have them centered at the top of both front fenders.  Looks like the front gunsight on most automatic pistols, including my favorite M1911, .45 cal.


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57-8 Dodges had fender top “gunsight” ornaments ?  How did I miss this ?

DeSoto Fireflite/Adventurer, yes, optional on Firedome.  None on Dodge-based Firesweep.

Plymouth had 2 versions, el cheapo and fancy, depending on model.

Chrysler, optional on all but 300.

Dodge ???  Never seen such a critter.  Maybe it’s an Alzheimer day for me ?  😜


On Feb 18, 2019, at 8:17 AM, Larry Ashbaugh <000003991ab8a71e-dmarc-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Is anyone producing the front fender gunsights for the top of 57-58 Dodges How about for other Forward Look Mopars?  Do the Chrysler, Desoto and Plymouths have similar fender items on the top of front fenders that were pot metal and now are missing or just pitted and nasty?

If not, has anyone researched or have any interest in producing or researching having these reproduced? It seems every one that I see is either missing or really pitted.

What are they worth NOS, and what would a reproduced set be worth? Just frustrated with the lack of reproduction support for Forward Look Mopars......

Larry (Akron)

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