[FWDLK] Cleaning Out the Garage for Mopar Parts
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[FWDLK] Cleaning Out the Garage for Mopar Parts

I need to clean out some parts that I have saved from cars parted years ago.  These are good parts that I hated to see go to the crusher, and come from Ohio rust cars.  Most are from a 75 Royal Monaco (Mopar C body) and 78 and 79 Magnums and 300Cs (B bodies).  I need the room and if anyone needs some parts for these Mopars, please let me know.  Some parts I will ship for shipping costs or $10-20.  Other parts Dash pads, seats, consoles, etc, are a little more.  I also have bucket seats for Mopar B-bodies (71-74).  What list members don't need will go on eBay or Craigs List....

I have hoods, seats, consoles, dash pads, wiring, lights, fenders, etc, etc, etc.  If you have a need, email me directly (ALIENVOICE@xxxxxxx).  A couple of the cars (the Monaco) I bought for specific parts to restore another Mopar (ie: 440 engine).  Others I restored and have extra parts I either salvaged or bought off eBay. Sometimes I bought parts when I couldn't find a part, knowing I have one somewhere, and later found the original.  Also have some excess parts for an SRT-4 Neon (2005?), a 1960 Chrysler, and 1957-59 Dodges....

I also have a 325/Powerflite, 318 Poly, 318 LA/904, 400/727, 383/727, and (2) 360/727s engines that are currently excess.  All are in my garages (I live in the country). 

All parts are for cars that I no longer have or excess from cars that I once had or have completed.  I am not a "pack rat" (regardless of what my wife says), but I hate to throw away Mopar parts because they are so hard to find.  All parts are garaged outside Akron, Ohio

I am trying to "cut-back, to include selling a 57 Coronet 4dr sedan, 73 Charger 318, a 59 Coronet 4dr sedan, and my wife's summer car, a 98 Camaro (our only GM), so I can get to the cars that I need to focus on, and applicable parts. 

I know some of you have multiple Mopars which span more than one generation of cars, so I am sending this to all groups I belong to, covering Forward Look through modern Mopars.

Email me directly with any of your needs.  Hopefully I can take pictures and respond back directly.




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