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Hi All,
My name is Gary Nelson, I live in Sunny San Diego County CA. I am restoring to concourse condition a Black code C coupe. I am doing the same on a 57 Imperial convertible.
Unfortunately those cars have taken a back seat to my first love, a 33 Ford Vicky Street Rod that is under construction.
In 1961 I bought a black 300C coupe. All my friends and foes were driving Chevy's and Fords. Here I was with that big ole Chrysler with fins taller than I. After about a year I pulled the motor to rebuild and modify a little. About 2 years later I swapped out the 392 for a 354 and sold the car. The 392 motor was destined for my 23 “T” Roadster that was under construction that I started building in 1957 before I had DL. I still own that roadster today.
My restorations are total frame off. Not one nut, bolt, or screw does nut get removed for refurbishing. I personally rebuild every part for my cars from relays to TF transmission. I learned allot working on these cars and years ago was rebuilding for 300 club members. With a need for my cars I started making and selling re-build kits for WP’s, PS pumps, PS boxes, brake bellows. No longer rebuild parts for others, not enough time for my cars. I sell parts and kits that I have remaining stock. Occasionally I will offer parts for sale.
Take Care and have a Great Sunday,


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