[FWDLK] 1957 Dodge Fuel Supply Problem -- Any Help With This Mystery?
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[FWDLK] 1957 Dodge Fuel Supply Problem -- Any Help With This Mystery?

My mechanic and I are having trouble diagnosing this problem with my 1957 Dodge Custom Royal with the 325 wedge V8 engine:


After running for a while on warm days, the car starts acting like itâ??s starved for fuel and often stalls out.  This happens only when driving up a road incline of more than a couple of degrees.  Normally Iâ??ve been able to restart it right away, but yesterday, every time I restarted the engine, it would run for a couple of seconds and shut down again. 


Iâ??ve reported this issue to my mechanic since it started about a year ago, but heâ??s been unable to find anything wrong.  Yesterday I had to have the car towed, but when it arrived at my mechanicâ??s place, he started it right up and drove it into the garage and it ran fine.  Again, he can find nothing wrong â?? no clogged lines, and the fuel pump is pushing out plenty of fuel.


Again, Iâ??ve observed the problem only on hot days (yesterday was 81 degrees), only after driving for at least half an hour or so, and only while driving up an incline.  Iâ??ve owned the car for 20 years and this is issue appeared only in the last year or so.


Anyone seen this themselves, or know what the trouble is? 


Thanks for your help!


John Williams

1957 Dodge Custom Royal


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