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Re: [FWDLK] Forward Look Roofline Stuff

I used the 3M material on the roof gutter on my 1959 Plymouth.  Great stuff and it has passed the test of time.  Still in great condition after several New England winters and summers.
Dick Skinner

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It's a version of a body seam sealant. Self leveling are the key words.  Body shop supply stores have it. This is a link to the 3M version

Jim Krausmann

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On my 57-59 Coronets (4) there is, above the roof drip channel, a substance that seems to be a hardened material that has deteriorated over the years and is now cracked, curled or missing.  What is this substance, what is it's purpose,  and what can be used to replace it (assuming it must be replaced)?
I am about to get back to tackling the 59 coronet with rewiring the wire between the starter solenoid and the ignition switch.  It fried all insulation off the wiring, and I am replacing the solenoid, ignition switch and the wiring to eliminate any short that caused the problem.  The car is a good-running, 49k 4dr sedan, very solid for an Ohio car, and one I am looking forward to restoring.  That pushes the 57 4dr hardtop D500 and the 58 2dr hardtop to the back burner, and probably moves the 57 4dr sedan to be moved out.  The 59 is the most complete and needs the least at this time.
So many projects, so little time.
Larry (Akron)

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