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RE: IML: 1953 Imperial



Sorry it took a while, but you can see some photos at


Thank you






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1953 ImperiaTom C- Hi Tom, I would appreciate pics of your friends 53 Imperial, and all the info you have. Please mail me direct; ciaranjpayne@xxxxxxxxxxx

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Hello all,


I hope this is ok to post here. One of my neighbors has been a car enthusiast all of his life, but now is getting on in age and has recently lost his vision all together. He has sold most of his cars, but one of the ones still for sale is a 1953 Imperial. Since he knows I own several Imperials, he asked me to try and sell his.


This is an original California car with almost no signs of any rust. The brakes have all been replaced, as has the carpet. The car runs and drives just fine, but does smoke. I feel it is because it has sat for the last couple of years and the valve seals have deteriorated. The car is complete and the only part needs replacing is one door window, which is there but cracked. The body is very good, but does need to be repainted to bring it up to snuff. The paint is all there, but faded. It is a 2 tone green. It is safe to say that the car is pretty much all original and to become show quality would need rechroming, some upholstery etc. As a daily driver, it is all there.


Now, here is where I need some help. I have no idea what a car like this is worth on the open market. I have looked at various sources and the prices seem to be all over the map.

If anyone knows these models, I would appreciate some guidance on pricing. As well, if anyone is interested, I would be pleased to provide detailed photos.


By the way, the car is located in Northern California, about 35 miles North of Fresno.


Thanks everyone.




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