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RE: IML: Admin Comment - New Group


--- On Sat, 3/15/08, Patricia Pruitt <pruittghl@xxxxxxx> wrote:
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Subject: RE: IML: Admin Comment - New Group
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Date: Saturday, March 15, 2008, 8:06 PM

Steve:  I do not recall filling out any form for a transfer to Yahoo.  Maybe you could resend it?  Thanks


Patricia   Pruitt


28289 Norris Road

Bozeman, Montana 59718

pruittghl@xxxxxxx  (406) 579-0001

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Everyone should have received your invitation to the new group by this time.  Please note that these invitations do sometimes go to that folder where your unwanted messages go (It seems I may trip the filter if I actually use the meat product name for this folder).


So far we have a little over 100 members who have moved to the new group and are no longer on this group.  Keep this in mind if you are asking questions here and wondering why they don’t answer!


           Steve B.

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