Re: IML: 1964 Imperial power steering pump
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Re: IML: 1964 Imperial power steering pump

Hi Dave,  

If you have a service manual, they are very helpful in most cases,  Faxson in CA  has mostly original and reproduction service manuals.  Please be sure that
when they rebuild the steering that they press-fit the pulley carefully, if not correctly done, it will break the seal and leak.

Good luck,

62 Crown

dave brown <imperial1usa@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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03/12/2008 09:52 AM
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IML: 1964 Imperial power steering pump

Hi All,

I need to remove the power steering pump from my 64 Imperial.  I was looking it over a few weeks ago in my garage.  I've been pretty busy since that time now, and don't have a good mental picture in my head.  How much hardware do I need to remove to get the pump out ?  My pump leaks.  That is why I am taking it out.  Right now, there is no fluid in the pump when I take off the lid and look inside.  The cardboard under my car has it all absorbed from the drips over the last 5 1/2 months.  I have never removed a power steering pump before.  I am an amateur back yard mechanic who does oil changes and anti freeze flushes and disc brake jobs myself.  I am sure I have the necessary skills and probably all the tools to do this myself.  I am going to have my pump "rebuilt" with new seals.  I have someone lined up to do this already; I just need to get it removed soon so I can have it fixed.  Thanks for any and all advice.  This will be my 1st attempt at doing any of my own work on my own Imperial.  Hopefully this will build my confidence.....we'll see.

Dave Brown / New Jersey
64 crown coupe
66 lebaron

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