IML: Important Notice
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IML: Important Notice



Hello All:

    We are making some very important changes to the Mailing List that will
affect everyone here.  Please read this message




Your admin team is moving our existing mailing list to a new group hosted by



Everyone subscribed to the  List will be affected by this change



You will receive an invitation to join the new group on Friday March 14th.



As many of you are aware there are problems with our current service  that
cannot be addressed.   The sftwr that runs the service is out dated and
there is no upgrade path.  Currently we have some members who are getting
multiple copies of every message, some that get a single copy of half the
messages and yet others that don't get any messages at all.  Digest
subscribers are subjected to all sorts of mess that we can't really stop.


Yahoo groups was chosen as a replacement provider because of the great
features and reliable service they offer.

Individual e-mails like we currently receive now.

Digest Mode which bundles around 25 messages and sends them as a group

Web Only allows members  receive no mail and they can go to the yahoogroups
page to review messages as they wish.


I will be your contact person should you need any help with the changeover.
You can e-mail me off line at imperial59@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and please don't
hesitate to do so if you need any help getting on the new group or if your
invitation doesn't come through.  Your admin team is very excited about the
upcoming changes and more stable future for our group.  We look forward to
seeing you at our new home.


              Steve B.



PS  This is my fifth try to get this message out.  Sorry some of the wording
looks strange but the filters keep catching the message.

-----------------  -----------------
This message was sent to you by the Imperial Mailing List. Please 
reply to mailing-list@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and your response will be 
shared with everyone. Private messages (and attachments) for the
Administrators should be sent to iml.webmonster@xxxxxxxxx

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