IML: Stainless steel inserts
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IML: Stainless steel inserts

Imperialist, Im looking for a set of inserts that  applie to the roof on a 60 2drhdtp. Sure could use some help in locateing them. Thank You  Jim Burton 60 Imp.
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Subject: RE: IML: wireing harness for my 60 imperial

Go to the Parts section and click on Salvage Yards at the top.  Bob Hoffmeister's Imperial Heaven is at the top of the list.  He provided me with a new under dash wiring harness for my '60 two years ago.  It's working great.
1960 Custom
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Subject: IML: wireing harness for my 60 imperial

Hi everybody, Im in need of wireing harness for my 1960 Imperial. Its just a plane Jane no elct, windows,Ac  its  so simple.
  Thank  You,  Jim  Burton

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