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Re: IML: Please Welcome Linda & Janne

Hello Janne,
I can indeed see why you love her. She is a woman with exquisite taste in cars, and we assume, in men as well.

Welcome to the IML!

Gary Kitterman
'56 C-73 "Babe"

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New Subscriber(s): Linda & Janne 
Email Address is: linda.janne@xxxxxxxxxxx
Member Location: Sweden , 

Car(s) owned: 67 conv

Self-Introduction: we are just in final of getting are first one. Disussing
prise he are askin fore 6500$ but  the we offer 5600$. the imperial has ben
standing in a barn with no door and soft dirtfloor and has sunken a bit back
to mother nature!and the top is not inn the barn),the engin dont turn, and
some time it has (back fierd)burnt under the hood. The intrior is hangin
loose,front right florepan is rusted tru.but on the brith side the elektrics
sems allriht:) and the car is too beutyful to miss we love it. and we have a
Impala 67 conv that we driv to day. butt the missis layd here eyes on the
Imperial and sayd we need that car! wath a women! can you see wy i love
here? have a nice day and hop to hear from u Janne 

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