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Re: IML: Re carbs and cool air

Hi Tony:
There was a company that I think was based in Ontario Canada which made very nice looking dual snorkel air filter set-ups specifically designed to add a Ram Air type induction to older cars. It was obviously an after-market unit, but looked really good. All of the edges including the snorkles and transitions were rounded and smooth so it had been pressed or molded from something. They had two approximately 3" diameter snorkels. I did a quick Google search for this item when you first posted on the Club web site but did not find it. In my opinion, this looked like about the best unit you could design for a Ram-Air set up so if you really wanted to do a "scientific" evaluation of this change, this would be the way to go.  I saw these units advertised within the last 2-3 years and they were was priced about $120 US as I recall.

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Thanks to Dave and others who responded about the carb, also my enquiry about cold air induction, as far as the warm air for winter driving goes, we don't have a problem with that here in Sth. Australia, it rarely gets below 60 degrees, even in mid winter, (currently 103 and has been for the last 6 days, cools off to 75 at night though), I'll experiment with the ram air side of things and let you know what happens re performance and economy, there may be something in it, maybe not.
Regards, Tony, OZ

Fred Joslin

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