IML: 72 Imp
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IML: 72 Imp

Yes the car runs and drives great for a car with the 35 year old original suspension parts on it.  It will need some TLC, the usual cancer under the rear window and across the front edge of the hood(Grandfather parked it in front of the dryer vent for 5 years).  The AC doesn't work  but all the factory parts are still on the car. I think that replacing the servo and compressor/drier will fix it.  I have driven the car from Brewton, Al to Columbus, Ga without a problem within the last year.  The motor has never been into I'm still putting lead subsistute in the gas, however both the 35 yr old valvecover gaskets are leaking and the driver side rear window regulator has striped. 
I know this sounds like a lot of work, but look at what you have when you get through.  This car has been a part of my life since I was 1 yr old and I have been driving it since I was 12, I quess I don't have to tell any of you I don't really want to sell the car but I can't afford to restore the car and I don't want to see it in ruins either. 
I can't afford to pay so I don't get to play!!!
Jon Davidson
'72 Imperial
"Mr President"

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