IML: Carbs and Cool Air
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IML: Carbs and Cool Air

I was wondering if anyone can help on this, I need to know what year and model Chrysler used a Carter 3860S carburetor, I have a spare and was wondering if it interchanges with my 3251S, I want to upgrade to a PCV system instead of the old draught tube setup currently on my car, the 3860 has a vacuum fitting on it, it would save tapping into the manifold vacuum at the brake booster vac line. I know the 3860 has a different linkage setup but that is easy to change to suit the 62 Imp. 
On a similar subject, has anyone tried connecting a hose to the intake on the aircleaner and running it through the radiator support panel alongside the radiator, to pick up cold air, similar to the cold air induction systems on late model cars. On talking to an old mechanic buddy, he seems to think anything along these lines would be better than the hot air from the radiator which is being sucked in now, also there would be the "Ram-Air" effect, which may or may not help performance and economy into the bargain. I figure any increase in economy or performance no matter how small, has got to be an improvement on what we are using now.. New technology and old cars does mix, otherwise we wouldn't have the advances in auto engineering that we have today, after all, if someone didn't try things we would still be driving the gas gusslers of yesteryear as our daily drivers today !!
Any thoughts on the subject?
Tony, Oz

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