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Re: IML: IML History

Hi All!! Seems like there are quite a few IML members out there that at least remember the old IOC for one reason or another.....usually due to an old sticker somewhere on their Imperial ! I know there are some members who would NOT, under any condition, put a 'sticker' on their Imperial but others of us would probably be OK with a window sticker of some kind (that could be scraped off if desired) showing membership in our current Imperial Club. One member mentioned he worked for a sign-company which makes me wonder if this is something worth persuing for our IML members...? Not sure what the IML webmonsters think of it but I, for one, would not mind having a club insignia of some kind on a sticker for my Imperial window.
...and I must agree 500% with the comments that THIS club (the IML) is in a league of its own compared to what I remember of the old IOC club, mostly I am sure due to the involvement of the members and the webmonsters/guru's !!
Count me in if anyone DOES come up with a possible 'sticker' for the club and the design/etc is approved by the members and Guru's (not sure exactly what to call the members , like Kenyon or Elijah, Dick and many others, who do soooo much for this group!?). Its probably going to be lots cheapeer to have these stickers made if the production amount is quite high.....maybe something that could be put into the IML Store...???
Anyway, just wanted to chime in since so many members actually do remember the old IOC.
Dan Melnik

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