RE: IML: How much for a 1972 Imperial?
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RE: IML: How much for a 1972 Imperial?

Hey guys, if you go to the club website on the
IMPERIALS BY YEAR section, each year has a PRICE GUIDE
in the ovals at the top.  This one favors the seller
and not the buyer, and appears a bit high to me.

They are generated by a formula, and not by actual
data from the marketplace.  I would discount at least
20% off of the figures based on what I know.

My 72 was $1500 and the 73 was $1000.

These cars just don't get any love in the marketplace,
but are perhaps some of the best, most refined
Imperials ever made.  The suspension and chassis are
fantastic if tight and with new shocks on them.

Any car under $1200 is derby bait, and I normally tell
most people with 1969-75 cars that their car will
probably range between $1200-$3000 unless it is
ultra-pristine and low mileage - ready to go into a
collector's museum with little to no work.

Triple black is a very desireable combination.  I'd
try to get the car for $1500 or so if I could.  More
than $2500 with body issues will be a challenge.

You can grind the dents, fill with filler, and then
use a long board with sand-paper to prep the sides.

After that paint is a much or as little as you want to
spend your money on.

Send photos and add your car to the registry if you
get it!

Good luck.


Kenyon Wills

Never miss a thing.  Make Yahoo your home page.

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