RE: IML: 62 Electroluminescent wiring question
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RE: IML: 62 Electroluminescent wiring question

I believe the central point with all the "E" wires branching off is a wiring diagram way of saying all the wires are tied together, but not necessarily at one point.  You can see the E-3 circuit coming directly off the oscillator feeding the gauge light circuits.  If I remember correctly, they just branch off as needed.
I'm looking at my shop manual from when I owned a '62 in the past and for some reason I made a note at the junction you're referring to that says "from IGN".  I don't remember what this means - if anything.  That was twenty years ago.
If even one of your gauges in these cars quits working, I would disconnect them all quickly until you've tracked down whether the gauge voltage regulator is working properly.
1960 Custom
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Hope someone can help on this one, in the 62 shop manual on page 8 - 77, (the instrument panel wiring diagram), it shows all of the 8 white lighting wires with the 'E' prefix going to one point, is this some kind of
multi-connector or what, and does anyone know approximately where I'm likely to find it ? 
Also while I'm here, only my ammeter is working, is it possible the CVR inside the temp gauge has gone open circuit, or is it likely to be something else like the 12 volt feed to the CVR ?
Appreciate all the help I can get on these problems.
Tony, Oz downunder.

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