IML: 61 Imperial Useless Trivia (some 57/58 too)
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IML: 61 Imperial Useless Trivia (some 57/58 too)

I guess it really doesn't matter, but where else can things like this be posted?

I am reassembling my 61 rear deck area trim and attempted to bolt in the taillights. Somewhere along the line, one of the two nuts for the right hand assembly came up missing. I removed a nut from my spare 61 taillight and found that the half-inch socket I had used to tighten the other three nuts wouldn't fit (after being on my back for a while in an ungodly position [especially for an old man like me]). It turns out that at some time and for some reason, Chrysler changed the head size on the nut from half-inch to 9/16. Why, I'll guess we'll never know.

It reminds me that I found that they used machine screws to hold in the turn-signal switch on the 57 while the 58 switched to self-tapping. I guess it saved some money to stop tapping holes in that unit so I can understand that change.

Ken Miller
61 and 67 Converts

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