Re: IML: 64-6 Imperial shift indicator cable
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Re: IML: 64-6 Imperial shift indicator cable

Atlas Obsolete can also provide (probably), but it will be expensive. The contact information in the OIC web site.

Paul W.

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Sent: Wed, 5 Sep 2007 3:53 am
Subject: Re: IML: 64-6 Imperial shift indicator cable

Hi Brian,

Try Imperial Services out of Michigan. I bought some items from them to convert my 65 Satellite over to a later model transmission and I see by their catalog they also manufacture shift cables.

Stevan Miner

Miner Auto Service

Winnebago, MN

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From: Hardrick, Brian

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Subject: RE: IML: 64-6 Imperial shift indicator cable

Would you happen to know where I can get my hands on a shifter cable for a 65 Imperial?  The one that goes from the column, through the firewall, and to the tranny.



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Subject: IML: 64-6 Imperial shift indicator cable


Hope I can fill a need for one of you list members.........


I just found a good used shift indicator cable.


If any one needs one, contact me off list.


Glad I can help someone........Phil



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