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[GFS] Re: WTB: WCFB 2552 and 2553

Thanks Ed,

   These cars have always been sort of "out of reach" for me. First of all there are so few of these cars out there. They don't come up for sale very often. When they do they are either a complete basket case or, on the other end of the spectrum, they are too nice to drive AND too expensive. At least for me. I like to drive my cars so it's got to be a driver. 

At this point I will most likely will be getting the 2631 and 2632 because I have heard that they are easier to find. Easier? Ha!

The manifold I have is a very early production aluminum manifold with no choke well. Divided plenum means I need to run the carbs in series. From what I have gleaned, so far, the correct carb was the earlier production 2552 and 2553. Not going to be easy but y'never know unless y'ask. My car came equipped with a manual choke mounted between the brake lever and the steering column. Makes me wonder if my car had the dual quads in the past.


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