55-59 Door Latch Paint or No Paint?
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Subject: 55-59 Door Latch Paint or No Paint?

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Previously Wayne G. (in a "factory paint?" thread) said:

StillOutThere - 2014-10-02 11:10 AM

You will find there were some minor differences between various Dodge assembly plants as to the order of some procedures. That applies to your car.
The only known attempt to outline the assembly procedures at a given Mopar plant in the Forward Look era is contained in my 1957 Chrysler 300C Handbook. It was written to show "why" some things ended up painted and some not. For example door latch assmblies were assembled into the doors prior to painting. My caution would be that this applies to '57 Chryslers only which were coming down the Jefferson Ave., Detroit, assy. plant where the Letter Cars were built and is not directly relevant to other cars or other plants.

I can add the following:

Based on my May 1956 LA Plant build 56 Dodge 4 dr Custom Royal, I believe that indeed the door latches assemblies were added to the doors before painting and, hence, ended up painted the door/body colour.

However, if a latch went FUBAR, the replacements were not painted, just left in the raw plated (galanvized??) condition, as witnessed my front passenger door latch versus the rear right door latch (and the other three door latches):




Attachments 56DodgeDoorLatch_Rear_Painted.jpg (125KB - 46 downloads)
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