Replacing the leaf springs on the '63 Imp.
Posted 2019-11-12 9:05 PM (#590078)
Subject: Replacing the leaf springs on the '63 Imp.


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Since I'm replacing the worn-out leaf spring on my Imperial, and it I figured I would take the time to paint the undercarriage of the car along with the leaf springs and shackles. The frame of the car will be painted using Rust-Oleum brush on primer and a coat or two of high gloss black. The floors will be wire brushed to knock any scale and loose undercoating off. The affected areas will be coated with por-15, top coated with some generic spray paint and undercoated. Seems straight forward... My question is, does anyone know the correct colors for leaf springs, shackles and, lower shock mount? (the plate where the u bolts go through) thank you. I'm not trying to make a show car. I just want it presentable.
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