Carlisle Chrysler Nationals . . . Questions
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Subject: Carlisle Chrysler Nationals . . . Questions

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Friends and I attended the first 2 or 3 years of this event, but then we all left the car hobby for one reason or another, and I haven't been back since.

I've also never taken a car - it was always just shopping the swap meet and critiquing every one else's cars.

I've read all over the Carlisle Productions website, and frankly didn't find much really useful information. I'm hoping that at least a few of the members here are planning to attend, and can provide some advice and information to help me plan and enjoy the event.

So . . .

1) The $55.00 show registration - I assume that covers me and the car, but are additional passengers also included (like my wife and/or brother)?

2) I know the event runs Fri/Sat/Sun with a Thursday load-in (and new for this year gate admission) but for me this is a 1-day drive out/drive back kind of thing. If I only attend one day, which is best? I'm interested in finding a few parts, hopefully seeing some similar cars, and meeting some of the members from this board. Or should I try to plan for 2 days?

3) What are the rules on the show field? I'm sure it'll be unreasonably hot for the event, so are tents/canopies allowed at your car? Where on the facility do they park the show cars? And as a one (or two) day attendee what are the rules regarding moving vehicles in and out during the day?

4) Looking at the "classes" on the show application - should I be with the "All Desoto" or the "55 to 61" cars? Seems either applies, but what do you guys think?

5) For those of you who spend 2 or 3 days at the event, do you leave your car on the Fairgrounds overnight - or take it with you to wherever you spend your overnight?

Of course any other tips, information, or suggestions you care to share would be very much appreciated.

Thank you

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Subject: RE: Carlisle Chrysler Nationals . . . Questions


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1) $55 Show Registration is for the car, driver and 1 passenger only. All others in car have to pay the daily entrance fee per person.

2)Best day really depends on what is more important to you. If you are looking for rare parts before someone snatches them up your best bet is to go Thursday or Friday. If the car show is more your thing, Saturday tends to have the most cars. Some of which are only there one day. Friday does have a pretty full show filed as well. Sunday there is not much left of the flea market or the show field.

3) I have seen folks showing their cars have small pop up tents or umbrellas behind their cars. Never seen anyone make them take them down. The Forwardlook group usually has a large tent set up with our cars. Make sure if you register online to say your are with the "Forwardlook club". There is a drop down menu when you register with a list of clubs. The more participants you get registered wuith your particualr club helps to get the tent from what i understand.

4) You could register in either Desoto or the 55-61 class. Most of the Desotos do stay in the Desoto class from what I have seen over the years.

5) I usually attend both days. I drive a 120 mile round trip each day in my 58 Fury. I drive the same mileage back and forth to work all week so the drive is nothing to me. Some folks do leave their cars overnight. Some stay on grounds at the campsites, others go to a hotel. All depends on what is good with you.

Hope this helps,


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Subject: RE: Carlisle Chrysler Nationals . . . Questions

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Hi Mike

Thank you very much - your responses are exactly the kind of information I was looking for.

I forgot to ask about the Forward Look association when registering, so I'm glad you pointed that out.

I'm coming from a bit south of the Bethlehem/Allentown area, so it's about 2 hours each way. Both days is tempting though . . .

I'd welcome any input/opinions from others as well if you care to add anything.

I'm looking forward to meeting a few of you.

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Posted 2018-06-08 4:40 PM (#564830 - in reply to #563352)
Subject: Re: Carlisle Chrysler Nationals . . . Questions

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Hoping to go but its a 5 hr ride 1 way for me...
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Subject: RE: Carlisle Chrysler Nationals . . . Questions


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I have been attending Carlisle for 20+ years it is by far the best Mopar show for all years and models. That includes a section of FL cars.
In contrast at the Mopar Nats the cars in attendance are more focused on the muscle car era so the number of FL vehicles is hit or miss.

My experience is more as a vendor than having a car on the show field (even though every year I say that I should bring a car). However also have friends that are in the show field. Here’s some information that might be helpful.

> A tent or other stuff (chairs, cooler etc) are all allowed as long as it fits within the designated spot. On the swap side this is strictly enforced when in the show field there’s room but you can’t take up several spots as cars are parked in a row together.
> The swap meet is the most busy and best parts selection on Thursday & Friday. We have noticed that over the years the number of people actually buying on Saturday has dropped off dramatically. By Sunday it’s really dead and why many people pack up and leave (don’t set up on Sunday)
> the Carlisle fairgrounds are open 24 hours for participants. As long as the vehicle has a sticker you can go in and out at anytime even after regular show hours. There is on site security. However that doesn’t mean that things haven’t happened over the years with cars or parts being stolen. Personally I’ve had no problems leaving parts or a car on the spot. Also in the swap area vendors are allowed to stay on their spot which I’ve also done some years. Again related to the swap area, in general many individuals have had the same spots for many years. I know many that do camp on the spot which everyone looks out for each other if not staying on site.
> the use of golf carts is restricted to outside of regular show hours which in my opinion really helps with the congestion / flow of for all attendees

Hopefully this is helpful. Let me know if there are any questions

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Subject: RE: Carlisle Chrysler Nationals . . . Questions


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Have been out of the forward look scene for a while,work keeps me from the hobby,but I made reservations for Carlisle. Will there be some folks here going?If I can get a car started I plan to bring one.


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