Garage recommendation Ottawa
Posted 2017-06-21 7:21 PM (#542595)
Subject: Garage recommendation Ottawa


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Hey, as I mentioned in another Thread, I'm currently living in Ottawa and I want to buy a used car here. I once made a promise to myself that I would never buy a car younger than me anymore and I actually found one. Although it's not FL or even a mopar it is a very solid and in my eyes well maintained car. But to licence it in Ontario I have to get a Safety Standards certificate. To do so, I chose a garage based on the google reviews but as we got there (the seller and me) the guy directly told us that I would have to invest a couple of thousand dollars to get the car roadworthy (for example, the heating is only blowing on low and mid, but not on high and stuff like that). So I wanted to ask if someone here knows a garage in or near Ottawa that could do that safety but is a little more open minded towards older cars and doesn't want to sell me a rusted 2006 Honda civic. Thanks for any reply!
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