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Spitfire Headers back in swing by Mid February 2004

From: Aspen360
Remote Name:
Date: January 18, 2004
Time: 17:04:53


HAROLD CALLED ME TODAY!! 1/18/04 He said he should be back in full swing by Mid-February. He said he is using up the rest of his current tubing and once the money starts coming in again he will be ordering more tube and buying some more equipment, so I guess SPITFIRE headers will be available again. He also asked that I let everyone know that the people he owes headers to (the poly engine headers included) will be getting taken care of first. They are his priority right now. He really appreciates everyone's patience they have had with him. He will call me in Feb. and give me the new number and more info so we can all get a set of cool headers from him! -Aspen360


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