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Re: Plymmie Plymmy PLYMIE?

From: Chris
Remote Name:
Date: December 23, 2003
Time: 00:50:54


Back in High school (1997) when i was driving my first car, a black and gold (roof and fins) 57 coronet 4dr sedan it picked up the nickname "the mighty dodge of death". It stuck and that car is refered to with much reverance among those who knew it. The car moved on into the afterlife a few years ago, but i kept the back end of it for a future couch project. I found a 58 plymouth belvedere 2dr ht in a secret location that i intend to aquire this spring. Who knows what it will get called, but i know this, it wont be christine (i got that enough with the dodge) and it wont be red/white. :D


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