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57 desoto drivelline vibration

From: Phil
Remote Name:
Date: December 18, 2003
Time: 16:53:39


Any driveline gurus out there? I rebuilt the front end--including new motor mounts--and the rear end, replaced tranny mount, converted ball and trunion to modern u joint, just replaced front and rear u joints, balanced driveshaft, put on new tires, balanced, and still viibration at about 55-60 miles per hour. Which is why I undertook the aforementioned in the first place. Have a good mechanic fiddling with it now. He's had it up on rack and can see the driveshaft vibrating. Says pinion and engine are alligned. Hasn't checked the 6 degree angle thing like it says in the service manual. He's sort of stumped otherwise. Anybody have any experience with this? Phil,Oscillating in Missouri


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