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From: Neil Vedder
Remote Name:
Date: December 10, 2003
Time: 21:09:35


I THINK the address is (I gotta check) It's a PARALLEL universe, that's a combination of "Discussion" "For-Sale/Wanted", but NOT "Exhaust-pipe" (huh, Dave?)--Dave keeps it extremely Politically Correct--it's daily bunch of emails, and communication--very knowledgeable, and friendly, but polite!! There has been some chit-chat about the Buried Plymmie--See? I can SAY that word, here!!--in Tulsa, that hasn't 'made' it's way over-"here"--like, I discovered that there's a CASE of SCHLITZ beer, in the trunk, as well as the usual-suspects--the donor of the beer actually inscribed one tire, in a message to his son, since the guy knew he'd never see the car's dis-internment--there also was a spirited discussion about what condition the car would be 'in'--anyway, as an adjunct to 'this' discussion, the subject came up, as to whether or not one should refer to a "Plymouth" as a Plymmie--a couple guys got HEATED about that nick-name, and the "Subject" was BANNED in Boston (er, chatroom!!) So, the question is: how do y'all feel about NICK-NAMES (Plymmie notwithstanding!) and/or "names" for your cars??--simple enuf question!! My car's Horace (Dodge) Neil Vedder


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