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Plymmie Plymmy PLYMIE?

From: Neil Vedder
Remote Name:
Date: December 10, 2003
Time: 02:00:20


As many of you may know, there is "another" email chatroom, for the FWDLK, but it is strictly supervised by Fearless Leader, who tonite accused a relatively animated, but NOT acrimonious, discussion, about whether it is "OK" to call a Plymouth a "plymmie", or "Plymmy", or whatever. This thread developed over what 'name' to give to the Buried Plymmie, in Tulsa, & the plans that were being given to car-pool/meet @ Tulsa, for the "blessed-Event". So, does anyone on "this" side-of-town 'give' a rats-rear-end on what term of endearment is given to a Plymouth--this question WAS an amusing-thread, before the P.C./ fun-police "busted" the discussion. What do YOU "call" YOUR cars??? My 57 Dodge is Horace (aka: Horrie) Neil Vedder


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