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Re: spitfire headers

From: Daniel Redman
Email: (740)601-2600
Remote Name:
Date: October 31, 2003
Time: 10:47:51


I know of some other people makeing headers for poly 318 blocks. 1. Headers by "ED" Inc (612)526-2802 2. Stans Headers (253)850-1835 I have had some trouble finding Eds page but Stan has a very nice page with good info Stan has block hugger headers for 318 poly at $249.00 but look to be very nice headers I also found a good site on poly moters with a good business directory that is the place I found the above info If you have any questions or good info call me I am also building up a 1964 poly 318 in a Fury. Well hope I was I was of some help Good Luck and Happy Hunting Daniel Redman Williamsport Ohio


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