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Re: Stearing wheel locking up??

From: Neil Vedder
Remote Name:
Date: October 28, 2003
Time: 02:41:32


Dan, don't sweat the cartridge oil filter--it's not expensive, & EASILY-available @ ANY decent parts store, as is/are the air filters! Just tell em what car/engine you've got; @ worst, "they" can order the part, from their warehouse, & it will arrive, the next day. 10x30, or 10x40 weight oil is also fine. I've had my 57 Dodge since 1980, & have NEVER had any difficulty in buying, or installing, the oil filter--just be sure to use a dedicated open-end, or 'box' wrench, never an 'adjustable-wrench', on BOTH the oil filter, AND on the oil-pan!! Save your money, for other mechanical repairs! Neil Vedder


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