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From: Neil Vedder
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Date: October 23, 2003
Time: 02:44:19


Well, I posted a long sob-story on the FWDLK email-list (as opposed to "this-site's" Discussion section) & informed "all" that the Sanderson Headers (which I bought on 12/31/01[!!!!]--I can't believe that it's been so-long--but I'm looking @ my paperwork) which I "tried" to have be installed, after I had bought NOS Sonic-4 mufflers and aluminized exhaust pipes, TODAY, DO NOT FIT an OEM...."CAR"! Yeah, they fit the ENGINE (big deal) but not "The Car"! So, I've asked the FWDLK 'List" to contact Sanderson, and arrange to bring their late-50's cars to them, so that S. can make proper templates/measurements, for our cars. btw, the "problem" is that S.'s front-runner hits the motor mount, and the main 'dump-extractor' appears to line-up @/over the torsion bar--on BOTH sides of the car. The "fix" SHOULDN'T be too-difficult to engineer, for S.--hopefully someone will take their car to S., ASAP! Neil Vedder


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